About Us

We Value Service

What does it mean to create a personal project?

To Eyes Across the Sky, it means that every client has individual needs, and it’s not only our job, but our passion, to assess exactly what our client is looking for. It’s more than just taking a photo or recording a video. It’s establishing the connection between the cinematographer and the subject to ensure the greatest possible outcome.

The art of photography and videography, lies in the presentation. Everybody has a story, but the only thing that matters is how that story is told. What good is an exceptional film with poor quality audio, or crisp audio without a story? How does one bring to life a beautiful image, without first being beautiful?

It’s our commitment to create emotion and instill our images and film with a sort of vibrancy that echoes through the generations of eyes to come. All of our productions are here to stand the test of time, as do our bonds with the clients we work with.

What does customer relations mean to us?

Of the most importance. Holding ourselves in the highest regards, our next commitment is not to us, but to you. What good would our services be; with no ability to continuously reach out and ensure that all of your needs have not only been met, but exceeded as well.

It’s our responsibility to develop lasting connections with everybody we come in contact with, and to make sure their voice is heard. When the time comes for our services to be inquired, our response is timely, efficient, and well mannered. It’s not in our best interest to sell our clients on our service, instead we help the client find the services they need in a zero sales pressure environment.

It’s our genuine concern to assist in all endeavors as to finding the perfect fit for the task at hand. Whatever the need might be, it’s our promise to entertain that need. It’s our responsibility to deliver the highest quality aerial and media production services, as well as delivering on the commitment to the client that everything we do is instilled with passion.

It’s delivering on a promise to be the most helpful, thoughtful, and caring production company in the state of Arizona. It’s my personal mission, and a value of mine, that every client leaves with a smile on their face, and keeps that same smile, throughout the duration of our relationship, as well as long after.